Allfront-Languages is a UK national initiative engaged in promoting the benefits of embracing other cultures through the study of other foreign languages. This initiative seeks to reach out to teenagers aged 10 to 19 around the country through seminars and workshops. The focus is to encourage them to embrace a foreign language as part of their future career, business or personal ambition.

Allfront-Languages seeks to target the following sectors across the country:

Youth centers
Secondary schools
Primary schools
Community centres
Religious establishments

By accepting to take part in this initiative the various sectors involved would contribute to the cultural enrichment and awareness of the targeted audience by allowing them to be exposed to new information which could contribute in mapping their goals and ambitions.

As a result of the work shops/seminars we seek to offer the following services

Planned journeys to university open days
‘A day in the life of companies’ where additional languages are greatly valued.

Inspiration: We are committed to inspire and create a way for individuals to prosper.

Achieving: We believe that achievement is just a term but can become a reality with hard work and opportunities.

Networking: We believe that this form of communication is the future and is vital for creating opportunities.

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