Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some messages from leading individuals backing the campaign for languages. Find out more about supporting Speak to the future.

Stephen Rae

Product Sales, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Stephen Rae is a graduate in French and Russian from Strathclyde University, speaking five languages with a high level of fluency.


Stephen has used his language skills in every job he has undertaken, and recently started learning Mandarin. Read more

Lizzie Fane


Lizzie Fane is a graduate from the University of Edinburgh where she did a Joint Honours Masters degree in Italian and History of Art.

Lizzie Fane

She founded a website to solve the problems she and her friends experienced on their year abroad. Read more

Richard Hardie

Chair, UBS Ltd.

Richard is a lifelong languages enthusiast, and very active in supporting community and education initiatives.

Richard Hardie

He is leading Speak to the future’s drive to involve business in speaking up for languages. Read more

Hadleigh Roberts

Student and politician

Hadleigh Roberts is a postgraduate in Interpreting & Translating from the University of Bath.

Hadleigh Roberts

Though a languages professional he is also involved in politics across Europe, and worked for the United Nations on placement. Read more

Larry Lamb

Actor and author

Larry Lamb is known for his TV roles in Eastenders and Gavin and Stacey.

Larry Lamb

He believes passionately in encouraging young people from all backgrounds to learn languages. Read more

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