An offer to S2F supporters from Rosetta Stone

09 Sep 2015

Back To School Promotional Offer – a message and video from Rosetta Stone to supporters of Speak to the Future:

As part of our back to school drive Rosetta Stone is offering promotional rates for a limited period to support Schools in the UK to help facilitate the importance of languages.

Rosetta Stone® Language Lessons provides personalized learning for beginner to intermediate students in up to 30 languages, including English for EAL purposes. Watch this short Language Lessons feature video to learn how:

  • Language Lessons focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills
  • Interactive, Immersive experience allows students to absorb fundamental language skills naturally and efficiently.
  • Additional downloadable teaching materials to help blend language learning with classroom activities.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail so please contact me on 020 7010 8833 or email:

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