ARA People’s Language Academy Not For Profit Limited

We are the first language charity in the world of our kind. Our goal is the entire planet and our philosophy is built upon international partnerships offering win-win scenarios with all stakeholders – we work together with language schools locally and help them gain popularity by helping the learner save money and fighting poverty in the third world. Our project in a sentence:
- 1 language course for 20 people in a developing country for each paid language course which takes place elsewhere.
Our business is 100% self-sufficient, we NEED no grants nor donations and we are sustainable. And our classes are not online and yes some are 100% free! We do however appreciate grants and donations to push us faster into expanding to other countries.

Year 1:
Free language courses for everyone.
2014: Germany, Vietnam, China, Spain, Kenya & Burundi
2015: + Italy, France, UK, South Korea, Colombia, Netherlands, Laos & Haiti.
2016: + All EU & South America
2017: + Russia, India, Central America, USA, Canada
2018: Whole World – Capital cities
Free German courses for refugees in Germany

Year 2:
Cheap language classes locally
Free English & Spanish A1 & A2
1 course takes place = 20 people learn for free in a third world

Year 3:
Paid jobs are provided for all teachers and country managers
Expansion in free digital and entrepreneurial education in third world countries

Subscriptions start:
2014: Start on the 25th February 2014 under
2015: Start on the 14th of May 2014 under
2016: Start on the 03rd of September 2014 under
2017: Start on the 24th of November 2014 under

*The country with the most subscriptions can be moved and replaced by the least in 2014 to start ASAP.
Rules apply for our free language courses. More information under from the 25th February 2014 on

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