Ayni – match you with a native speaker

Learning to speak fluently needs practice and it’s not always easy to find someone to practice with in our daily life. From this perspective, we developed Ayni, in which students and professionals can practice the language they want with a native speaker abroad with the help of messaging, recording and videoconference tools.
Our dedicated platform delivers a turnkey solution which includes an automatic matching system between the users depending on what languages they want to practice. It also gives convenient backing to help and encourage users to livening up their learning journey.

We are a growing community of 2000 learners from 60 countries. We aspire to bring authenticity within our International relationships and help people to get closer to one’s culture.

To practice French: https://ayni.in/en/practice-language-online/practice-french
To practice Spanish: https://ayni.in/en/practice-language-online/practice-spanish
To practice any languages: https://ayni.in

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