Be Inspiring Project

The ‘Be Inspiring Project’ is an independent nongovernmental not-for-profit project running in Derby. It aims to serve young individuals from deprived backgrounds & ethnic minorities to develop their skills such as confidence & self esteem, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and many others. Skills are delivered through classroom based learning, indoor & outdoor activity sessions, interactive workshops, fast-paced bootcamps, trips and residential as well as youth meetings and consultation days.

Our commitment is to help the young people in the community achieve more, achieve better and excel further academically and socially regardless of their background and help them find opportunities which otherwise would have been missed.

Aims & Objectives

In order to be successful in its mission every organisation needs a set of aims and objectives to work towards. We aim to:

- To reduce anti-social behaviour and crime from within our communities by promoting and encouraging respect and tolerance using various proven techniques and formulas.

- To promote community cohesion and to provide a platform for young people to voice their opinions, be part of a cause, actively engage in worthwhile projects and be a service to their local community as well as becoming a role model for future generations

- To provide an opportunity to young people, especially those from deprived backgrounds or ethnic minorities to develop their skills, both academically and socially making them more employable in the future

Young people of today are the future of tomorrow. With this thought in mind, we often think to ourselves what we need to change to create a better and brighter future for the generations to come. By looking at the current situation and comparing it with an ideal situation, all it then requires is small steps to make that big difference. The Be Inspiring team have made a decision to do ‘our bit’ by working with young people from ethnic minorities and deprived backgrounds giving them the opportunity to achieve and do well in their lives as well as becoming inspiring role models and ambassadors for their communities and future generations.

The Be Inspiring Project has built a high level of credibility in the field it has worked in over the past 3 years. Although starting off as a small youth group lead by just two individuals, we now have a strong and dedicated team of 15, out of which 7 are from 14 – 16 year olds volunteering to gain experience.

Why is it needed?

Young people today often miss out on essential life skills throughout their school years as concentration is on academic studies and achieving good exam grades.

Prior to starting the project we conducted a survey amongst the young people in Derby, parents, teachers and community leaders to see what the needs of young people are. We found that many young people consider the most difficult stage of their school life as the transition between primary to secondary school. Furthermore, young people have also said they struggle after leaving secondary school as some want to apply for apprenticeships or work but are not confident enough nor do they have the right skills for work.

Who is it funded by?

We’ve received enormous amounts of financial support for the project through local & national companies, grant makers and larger charities. Through their continued support we are able to keep majority of our services free of charge to the community.

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