Talking business

Businesses back the campaign for languages

Making the business case is a vital part of our campaign. Recent research by the CBI and Education and Employers’ Taskforce demonstrates that businesses need language skills – and that UK plc loses billions because we simply aren’t trading effectively enough with non-English speaking partners.  Find out more about the case for languages.

Why the campaign?

Young people in the UK are simply not being encouraged to consider languages as part of their learning and career path, in spite of business demand.  Numbers taking French and German at GCSE have fallen by over a half in the last decade, and applications for university have fallen dramatically – by 21.5% for non-European languages in 2012. And yet three years on, languages graduates earn more than any other arts graduate.

We need to recruit businesses who are prepared to speak out for languages and back the campaign’s programme and objectives, which touch on all phases of education and the way languages are valued at home and in society.

What you can do

Make a financial contribution. As a charity, we rely on donations. Find out on our sponsors page how you can make a difference.

Make a pledge and connect with the campaign. You can commit to doing your bit with our online form and keep in touch with the campaign. This might involve giving your time to speak to young people considering their options – you can also volunteer through the excellent Inspiring the Future programme.

Join our business lobby. We are also forming a business lobby led by our ambassador Richard Hardie of UBS and we are looking for senior business leaders to help us in influencing policy and attitudes towards language learning in the UK. There may be an opportunity to become an ambassador for languages and speak out on behalf of the campaign. Read more about our business breakfast meeting on 18 April 2012

Join our wider community. You can connect on LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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