Catch up on the S2F Symposium: Languages 2020 & beyond

02 Dec 2015

Speak to the Future Symposium: Languages 2020 & beyond: see the agenda, watch our video report & download the presentations

Speak to the Future held a major two-part Symposium on 16 October 2015, looking at languages, entrepreneurship and the professions, and furthering the agenda for community languages in the UK.

We invite you to watch this short video from the Symposium; and, further down this page, you can download presentations from the key speakers.

This is the second major symposium hosted by the Language Show Live with the support of Rosetta Stone Education, our official conference sponsor and S2F supporter.

Baroness Coussins, co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Modern Languages and the new President of Speak to the Future, opened the symposium. She was joined by Richard Hardie, the new Chair of Speak to the Future, and Bernardette Holmes MBE, the Campaign Director.

Part 1: LEEP: Languages for Employability, Entrepreneurship and the Professions

During the morning session, leading figures from the business world were joined by young entrepreneurs, professional linguists, careers advisers and HR specialists in a live debate about the value of languages at work.

The forum provided fresh evidence that languages matter to all young people and illustrated the added value of languages in business by showing how languages can inspire entrepreneurship.

Download the programme here.

View the presentations:

Jocelyn Wyburd, UCML: “Languages at university and beyond – myths, realities, opportunities…” (PDF, 1.2MB)

Paul Kaye, EC Representation in the UK: Translation in the EU institutions (PDF, 500KB)

Part 2: Communicating for Britain 2020 and Beyond

This session spanned policy and practice in Community Languages, with opportunities to update professional knowledge on languages policy and assessment/accreditation and debate the issues, such as public perceptions of bilingualism and multilingual identity.

Together with the NRCSE (National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education), and with teachers of lesser taught languages in supplementary and mainstream schools, speakers looked at ways to build capacity from primary through to secondary by developing language learning networks of schools where a lesser taught language can be developed as part of the school curriculum.

Download the programme here.

View the presentations:

Caroline Norman, Languages Sheffield: ASDAN Languages Short Course (PDF, 60KB)

Sam Holmes, Free Word: Multilingual Creativity: Engaging with the realities of linguistic diversity (PDF, 500KB)

Teresa Tinsley: Languages as portrayed in the British media (PDF, 1.3MB)

Joe Au, UK Federation of Chinese Schools: Strength in Partnership (PDF, 1.3MB)

Yaron Matras, University of Manchester: Multilingual Manchester (PDF, 1.7MB)

Phoebe Griffith: Communicating for 2020 and beyond (ODP, 500KB)

We’d love to know your thoughts on these issues. Please do contribute to the debate via Twitter @speak2future #languagepolicyUK, or by email.

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