We don’t need to convince you about the importance of languages and language learning – but let’s just give you a little more information about the campaign and explain how you can do your bit.

About the campaign

Speak to the future is backed by over 20 professional bodies as well as a number of businesses and individual ambassadors. We’re funded by the British Academy until 2015, and have the support of a number of sponsors. Our objectives include valuing all languages, increasing the take-up of primary and secondary language learning, encouraging graduates to qualify in a language, and increasing the number of highly qualified linguists. Read more about the campaign.

Getting involved

We need enthusiasts like you to speak up publicly for languages and make a difference. Our activist toolkit and flyer can give you some ideas – you could write to your local MP, or get an influential individual to tweet about languages. You may know languages are important, but perhaps you’d like more facts and figures to make the case. Maybe you’d like to create an Inspiring Project? Or recruit a high profile ambassador, or sponsor? Whatever you choose to do, why not share it with us by making a pledge? Don’t forget to join the community on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – and tell your friends and colleagues about it (you can use the Twitter and Facebook links on the right of this page).

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