Free Arabic Skype classroom sessions with S2F, the British Council & the Qatar Foundation

06 Dec 2017

Speak to the FutureQatar Foundation International, and the British Council are pleased to offer schools an exciting opportunity between 18 December (UN Arabic Day) and the 2 March 2018 with Chatterbox and NaTakallam.

Connect your classroom with an Arabic speaking refugee to learn some Arabic, hear their personal story, and learn more about the Arabic speaking world via Skype. 

Interested? Simply register your interest with your preferred provider by clicking on one of the red buttons below.

Past participating pupils said:
“It was really inspirational and I loved learning about how languages can change your life. Also it was really good hearing first handed how languages can open so many doors to any career”.


  • Sessions take place via Skype and last 30/45 mins by qualified Chatterbox/NaTakallam tutors
  • Lessons are delivered by trained refugee tutors from academic and professional backgrounds; doctors, dentists, lawyers, and teachers.
  • Stand-alone activity very easy to set up, can link to a number of priorities in your school (languages, citizenship, international education)

Choose one of the following two options:

Chatterbox helps refugees access rewarding careers in language teaching. Having pioneered this initiative with schools in the UK alongside the British Council, our data shows that the innovative co-curricular activity offered within this programme positively impacts student uptake, retention, and attainment on language courses.

NaTakallam connects forcibly displaced persons with students worldwide for language learning and cultural exchange online. Since 2015, we’ve trained Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the Middle East and beyond to become Arabic tutors to more than 1800 learners. Join the teachers and professors bringing NaTakallam to their classroom!

Speak to the Future is absolutely delighted to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity to its supporters – we hope you will be interested in finding out more (and please feel free to disseminate further to any contacts who may be interested).

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