Free resources for primaries available now!

18 Dec 2015

The British Council has just published two sets of resources available to primary schools for 2016:

The first is the 2016 Education Pack on the Chinese new year (Year of the Monkey) and is being sent out to all schools in hard copy (so look out for it!).

But it is also possible to access it online and download the PDF version for free and this includes audio elements – so definitely worth it!

Take your students along on a journey with the Monkey King as he steals the pills of invisibility and then sets out to the west with his magical companions. Or, using the pack, teach them how to make traditional opera masks, draw monkeys using Chinese brush strokes, create decorative DIY kites and even learn some basic Chinese.

It’s aimed at children aged 4-7 and links with Art, PHSE/Citizenship, & History.

Find out more & download the pack at:

Second is the 2016 Education Pack on Arabic (only available online):

It is designed for ages 4-11 and links to PHSE and Citizenship in the curriculum. It introduces aspects of both Arabic language and Arab culture to pupils, including:

  • well known Arabic fables, teaching students moral lessons. 
  • counting to 10 in Arabic
  • perfecting your pronunciation of Arabic greetings
  • exploring the intricate geometric patterns of Arabic mosaics

Find out more and download the pack at:
Wishing you a great start to 2016!


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