Hands On Turkish

Companies in Europe are attracted to Turkey as a supplier for textiles, electronics and other products, and they are keen to enter a huge untapped growing consumer market. In fact, Development Agencies throughout Europe are actively encouraging businesses to engage with Turkey, which is emerging as an economic powerhouse and an engine for “new growth”.
And yet many of the people inside the businesses – on the ground – often don’t have the necessary linguistic skills and cultural understanding to deal with the challenge of doing business in Turkey, which is considered to be a “high context culture” (E. T. Hall).
Consequently they run the danger of making basic and avoidable mistakes.
HandsOnTurkish aims to combine modern technologies and the most up-to-date approaches to language learning to deliver a vocational course of Turkish that meets the needs of European businesses. This strategy will allow learners to have the contact time with Turkish that is needed for sustainable learning to take place.
The course is equally of interest to all general learners who wish to learn Turkish for personal reasons or personal development.
The course provides a motivating learning experience and addresses current trends that indicate that today’s learners (especially business or vocational learners) are turning away from traditional print products to eLearning and online resources.
Key features
* User-friendly, learner-oriented, clearly organised
* Comprehensive learning activities, promoting intercultural competence and business etiquette
* Interactive dialogues and extensive vocabulary practice
* Role play activities with voice recording functions
* Challenges the perception that Turkish is difficult to learn.
* Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, levels A1/A2. Fully complies with the National and European Qualifications Frameworks.
* Offers a ‘barrier-free’ learning experience to suit non-academic learners in vocational educational training (VET).


Website: http://handsonturkish.com

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