Indigenous Language Project

This will be the sixth year Aviva has opened its heart and pockets to change makers all across Canada. Aviva has now given away millions of dollars to ideas that has sparked and created positive change in communities across the country. The Indigenous Language Project is a community, cultural and educational idea for change that will not only impact one person, one particular language group and just one community. In fact, it will impact future generations to come. Imagine, not too long ago, of a time when speaking your own language was forbidden and you would be physically and severely punished in a school classroom if you did. As a result of cultural and historical genocide, one in four First Nations people cannot speak their language and according to UNESCO’s Atlas of Endangered Languages, Cree is considered to be a vulnerable language. 61 aboriginal languages are vulnerable languages while 24 indigenous languages have already encountered an endangered status and 2 are extinct already in Canada according to We Day’s We Stand Together Aboriginal campaign.

The Language Project’s single yet most complex goal and task is to revitalize language within our northern communities by designing, developing and publishing Cree language learning materials and curriculum in high quality finishes. Voting on Aviva commences September 29th and goes on until October 14th, 2014 for the first qualifying round. There are three rounds and you have up to 15 votes to cast each day. 60 ideas (20 ideas from each Qualifying Round) with 1,000 votes or more will win a $1,000 donation to a registered charity associated with their idea.

Every finalist idea will be awarded a minimum of $5,000 for making it to the judging phase of the competition. It’s also important to mention that comments count just as much as votes and they can help earn badges throughout the competition.

There will also be a special Broker Supported Grand Prize of up to $100,000 for a broker-supported idea. The competition will fund at least one finalist from each funding level (up to $50,000 and $50,000 to $100,000), starting with the idea ranked highest by the judges. Aviva will keep funding finalists until the entire Aviva Community Fund of $1,000,000 is allocated.

Please register and cast your votes at the Aviva Community Fund website and type in Indigenous Language Project and share among your social media networks and go to our website on how you can contribute to preserving our language and culture. And also, watch for our community page Indigenous Language Project and find the voting app on our page. Miigwetch (thank you)! Website:

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