Inspiring Projects

We’re highlighting inspiring projects happening across the country which are promoting languages to the wider public – showing those in the languages community what you could do, and helping to give those outside an insight into the value of languages and language learning.

These non-commercial projects share the spirit of the campaign and are helping us to reach our objectives.  We’d like you to get in touch if you’ve got a great idea for a new initiative – or if you’re already doing something which is making a difference. – Bringing Language Learning to Life!


Bili is the free online student language exchange, which enables sustained and structured peer-to-peer interaction, in a safe, teacher monitored space. It’s as easy as… 1. A teacher matches students from different countries who speak different languages. 2. Students complete … Read more – looking for test users!foreign language writing

yozzi-logo-for-speak-to-the-future is a platform where intermediate and advanced language learners can post articles to practice writing in their target languages. There is also an editing function, so after creating an account it is possible to comment on the articles that are up, in order to provide feedback for others to improve their language and writing skills. Read more

FLUENLYlanguage learning, foreign languages, social learning,


Fluenly´s mission is to empower every person in the world to speak any language fluenly*
It’s that simple. Read more

Ayni – match you with a native speakerPractice languages penpals


Ayni is a collaborative language learning platform on which you can improve your language speaking skills with penpals abroad.
Our ambition is to make language learning a real opportunity to meet authentic people and cultural insights. Read more

AyniPractice languages penpals


Ayni is a collaborative language learning platform on which you can improve your language speaking skills with penpals abroad.
Our ambition is to make language learning a real opportunity to meet authentic people and cultural insights. Read more

Learn Languages through StoriesChildren, Language, Stories


A story that starts in English and ends in a different langue, to inspire children to learn foreign langues. Read more

A journey to the RootSignificance of Bilingualism

Educate British Bangladeshi and immigrant Bangladeshi children about the origin Language. Read more

Hull Language Cafe


The Hull Language Café is an informal way for people to practise their speaking skills in a range of languages and also make some new friends. Language speakers of all abilities are welcome (and natives too!!) Read more

Langademylanguage exchange, timebanking, schedule meetups


Langademy is a social network to learn languages. It provides a language exchange space with natives all over the world for helping people to become fluent in foreign languages. Read more

Dyslexia and Language Learning Massive Open Online Learning Courseteaching of foreign languages, students with disabilities, dyslexia, inclusion, learning technology, teacher training


Free online course
Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching
Gain practical tools and theoretical insights to help dyslexic students learn second languages, with this free online course. Read more

iOsmosiconnecting children


iOsmosi is the interactive videoconference software that makes kids exchange languages and cultures. Read more

Parallel Books appParallel Books App


Parallel Books is a free app designed for people learning, perfecting or practicing a second language. It displays two translations of the same book beside each other and keeps the two translations in sync as you read. Read more

MyHOSTpitality.comLanguage and cultural Exchanges or Stays

Logo-MyHOSTpitality,, is the first sharing economy online community directed to families, young people and professionals with concern for language learning and cultural exchange through the coexistence with native people in the language of interest, promoting values as hospitality and tolerance among people of other countries, cultures and languages. Read more

One Voice for LanguagesLanguages are essential, valuable and exciting


The One Voice for Languages Group aims to be a unified voice for various language networks and associations in Ireland. The group is inclusive and cooperates with various members from across Irish society as well as with experts in linguistics, thereby highlighting all aspects of language learning and teaching in a multilingual and multicultural context. All members of the group One Voice for Languages firmly believe that it is both timely and appropriate that such a group be established and that it should seek to encourage a greater awareness of the critical importance of language learning not only in terms of increasing employment possibilities and meeting industry needs, but also its broader value in the spheres of education, the arts and in the context of supporting social cohesion and intercultural understanding. Read more

Culture Go GoCultural Exchange


Get free room and board and an incredible cultural experience with local hosts. In return, help them practise English. Read more

Linguorumexchange language students is a new exchange platform for language students. Linguourum proposes to get in touch with students all around the world. Travel to their country, live with their family and in exchange offer them the same in your country. It’s about mutual hospitality. Read more

Threlford Memorial Cup – nominationsAward language study


IoL Educational Trust (IoLET), the awarding body of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, invites nominations for the Threlford Memorial Cup 2015. Read more

Hands On TurkishTurkish as a Foreign Language for general and business purposes

tk is a new EU-funded eLearning course of Turkish as a Foreign Language which gives individuals and businesses the chance to acquire the Turkish language and gain a better awareness of Turkish culture and business etiquette.
This course is equally valuable for people visiting the country, studying the language for personal development or wishing to learn more about this beautiful and rich language. The course can be accessed online at
Apps are also available for Android, iPhones and iPads. Read more

Scholarships for Spanish teachers in EuropeScholarship Spanish teacher


Tía Tula Spanish School (, in collaboration with the Spanish Government – Junta de Castilla y León, offers 10 scholarships of one week for Spanish teachers working in Europe at high school or university level. Read more

EuroTalk Junior Language Challengeprimary, education, languages, competition


A national competition for children aged 10 and under across the UK, which aims to inspire a love of languages at a young age. Read more

Bilingual ColombiaEnglish Teaching - Colombia


The Colombian government’s Ministry of Education and the National Learning Service (SENA) have launched a nationwide bilingualism initiative implementing comprehensive training in English to reach individuals in vulnerable communities extending from schools to technical training centers all across the country.
Volunteers are being recruited, for two (2) different ( but similar) programs, to teach English in government establishments. These volunteers will be sponsored by the government and will have the responsibility of co-teaching English classes, conversation clubs, coaching teachers and other activities. This unique opportunity allows volunteers to develop a global mindset, effective communication skills, gain valuable personal, professional skills and impact the lives of the students they teach. Read more

Community in Education conference: 3 July 2015community languages, supplementary schools


In partnership with London Metropolitan University Centre for Multilingualism in Education we are holding a conference on 3 July. Read more

1,000 English Words Project1,000 English Words


Publishing and posting a list of 1,000 English words, to help people speak English and gain the basic vocabulary. Read more

Find out about Russiawebsite, competition


“Find out about Russia” ( is a new website which we hope will encourage primary school children to take an interest in Russia and the Russian language. It has been launched with a competition for children aged 5-12. Read more

A Hundred Proverbs, a Thousand Wordsproverbs, vocabulary, flashcards


Description of app for learning a thousand words in European languages via their proverbs Read more

The Book ThiefWatch films, have fun, improve your English


The aim of the project is to teach English as a foreign language in an authentic, fun way, using films children are happy to watch and are interested in anyway. Read more

Pasaporte CulturalTarget language culture workshops for schools


Pasaporte Cultural is a social enterprise that is transforming the experience of language learning in schools by fusing music and Spanish in a totally innovative way.

We believe that every child should have a positive experience of learning a foreign language and that in order to foster a love of languages students should be exposed to the language and culture in an authentic context

We design and deliver immersive culture workshops led by native speakers in 100% target language in which students write and perform their own compositions alongside professional musicians Read more



Naboomboo: the social language network! An innovative free community to improve your foreign language fluency having fun!
Naboomboo is an innovative multimedia platform for language exchange, it is a virtual place where you can train and improve your foreign languages skills sharing and discussing about your interests and favorite topics.
Read more

Language of the Month – October – SpanishLanguage, Spanish, culture

The foreign languages depart at Morley College runs a popular Language of the Month programme. Each month focuses on a different foreign language and activities are organised throughout the month. Events have included French wine-tasting, sampling delicious homemade Korean food and haing a go at Japanese calligraphy. Read more

Indigenous Language ProjectIndigenous language, revitalization, culture, preservation

Love your languages

The Indigenous Language Project is a language curriculum initiative that will be competing in Aviva Community Fund’s competition for $50,000 to design, develop and publish language learning materials in high quality finishes. Read more

EDOL 2014: ALLNE / Network for languages / Routes into Languages NE annual EDL competition for schoolsNorth-East


Photo writing

Pupils in the NE region take a photograph of a conversational situation – this could be an informal chat, an argument, an interview, a transactional situation, etc., etc.
They then write in their chosen language their idea of the conversation / dialogue taking place.
Read more

Cracking the code!Learn a new language


Our project takes language taster sessions into secondary schools. Read more

Lingotasticpre- school children,


Lingotastic is a group for parents and their babies and pre- school children to come together and take first steps in second languages through puppets, singing and play. Read more

Be Inspiring ProjectSuccess Motivation Determination


The largest Youth Skills Project in the Midlands aiming to work with young people to reduce anti social behaviour, crime and gang culture, promoting peaceful coexistence amongst all communities regardless of race, backgrounds and ethnicities. Read more

Mother Tongue Other Tongue Poetry CompetitionLanguage Poetry Compeitition


Mother Tongue Other Tongue is a national poetry competition, led by the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. Read more

ARA People’s Language Academy Not For Profit LimitedFree Languages Thirdworld


We are the first language charity in the world of our kind. Our goal is the entire planet and our philosophy is built upon international partnerships offering win-win scenarios with all stakeholders – we work together with language schools locally and help them gain popularity by helping the learner save money and fighting poverty in the third world. Our project in a sentence:
- 1 language course for 20 people in a developing country for each paid language course which takes place elsewhere.
Our business is 100% self-sufficient, we NEED no grants nor donations and we are sustainable. And our classes are not online and yes some are 100% free! We do however appreciate grants and donations to push us faster into expanding to other countries. Read more

Language for ExchangeAbroad language-exchange community


Language exchange community where you can find people to do a language exchange with through our online video chat.
You can also find friends who may want to go abroad to do a language-exchange arrangement with you. Read more

italki.comOnline Language Teachers

italki_logo_prt_110 helps students connect to language teachers for personal online lessons. We believe that in order to become fluent in a foreign language, you need to get practice using the language. Aside from living in a foreign country, getting a personal online teacher is the fastest, most convenient, and most interesting way to learn a foreign language. Read more

Wirral MultilingualWirral Multilingual Language Culture


Wirral Multilingual was born out of a shared passion for learning about other languages and cultures from around the globe, and is dedicated to promoting the world of cultural diversity – and opportunity – that exists on the doorstep of those currently living and working in the Wirral Peninsula. Read more

Language Landscape – putting your language on the map

Sandy Ritchie from SOAS, University of London is helping to create a new online world to celebrate languages and help protect rare and endangered languages by enabling speakers of those languages to record and share their voice. Sandy and the … Read more

La semaine de la francophoniefrench, francophonie


An official project celebrating French across the world. Lots of great partners involved Read more

The Hispanic Society of North East of Englandspanish language, spanish cultura, latin america cultura


Our main objective is to promote the Spanish language while promoting the exchange of cultural experiences, solidarity and good learning relationships between the Spanish, Latin American and British peoples. Read more

Janet Lloyd NetworkPrimary Language Learning Network


Effective networking and sharing
Progression in primary language learning
Read more

Voyages en français : les jeunes nomadesfrench, intercultural exchange, travel


The project JEUNES NOMADES is a website dedicated to children from 10 to 14. Its purpose is to help practicing French through activities created by French speaking young students for French learners. It intends to facilitate exchanges in French between learners from all over the world. Three teachers of French from the French Institute in Madrid moderate theses activities; they invite the learners to present their town, their favorite recipies or their family. Young learners can send videos and discover other cultural habits. They can collaborate to create games together or to make projects on the theme of travel. They can also ask questions to other young learners from other countries. Read more

Vocabulary TrainerFree online language learning tool


The Vocabulary Trainer is a free language learning tool teaching useful travel phrases and the most frequently used words in more than 30 languages. Read more

LUCIDE – Urban LanguagesMultilingualism Cities Europe


LUCIDE is a network which is developing ideas about how to manage multilingual citizen communities. Read more

LUCIDE – Urban LanguagesMultilingualism Cities Europe


LUCIDE is a network which is developing ideas about how to manage multilingual citizen communities.
Read more

Spanish Boot Campspanish through sport


Spanish Boot Camp is a unique method of delivering language teaching both in and out of the classroom. Read more

Language and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills – Free Taster Seminar, Linguarama LondonFree Taster Seminar


Linguarama London is pleased to announce a free Language and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills Taster Seminar on Thursday 7th November. Read more

Bonjour Tonton!French for preschoolers

Bonjour Tonton New Logo

Bonjour Tonton! is a blog aiming to inspire pre-schoolers to start learning French and to show parents and teachers how fun it can be too!
Tonton the French speaking Tortoise puppet creates free, entertaining videos featuring short sketches and songs and games. Tonton and his friend Heidi speak entirely in French but the videos are simple enough that children can understand exactly what is going on. Read more

EuroCatering Language Language training for the hospitality industry


EuroCatering is the online language learning tool for the Kitchen, Restaurant, Reception and Accommodation industry. It is free and available in 11 languages. Language in context, colourful, interactive dialogues, designed by language and hospitality experts for the student in mobility, for the trainee or worker on the move. Register, log on and enjoy! Read more

Hamari Boli = Hindi-Urdu Reinvented!Hindi, Urdu, Hindi-Urdu, Hindustani Language, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Asia, Desi, lingua franca


“Hamari Boli” (Our Language) is the new name of Hindi-Urdu (the erstwhile Hindustani), the Lingua Franca of South Asia & Desis worldwide. With dozens of mutually intelligible local variants, and over 1 Billion 1st and 2nd language speakers, it is the second most spoken language in the world! Read more

Bright Knowledgemodern languages, learning, students


Bright Knowledge is the essential guide to education, careers and student life. It contains extensive information about studying modern languages and the careers it can lead to. Read more

Multilingual Parentingonline platform for families raising bilingual children


Platform for parents and linguists to share insight in raising multilingual children.
A network of professionals and parents who are, or wish to raise their children bi/multilingually
The aim is to create a collaborative community to support individuals and families and help each other succeed in raising bilingual children.

Read more

Sussex Chinese SchoolLearning Mandarin Chinese


This project aims to provide a learning opportunity for children aged 3-18 years old. There are different levels of classes from beginners to GCSE, etc. Read more

AllFront-LanguagesAllFront-Languages, AllFront-Africa

Allfront-Languages is a UK national initiative engaged in promoting the benefits of embracing other cultures through the study of other foreign languages. This initiative seeks to reach out to teenagers aged 10 to 19 around the country through seminars and workshops. The focus is to encourage them to embrace a foreign language as part of their future career, business or personal ambition. Read more

HoLA – Home Language Accreditation ProjectHome Languages, Accreditation, Bilingualism


The Home Language Accreditation Project (HoLA) is a city-wide project for Sheffield which aims to raise the educational attainment of bilingual pupils by supporting them to gain a national accreditation in their home language. Read more

Facebook Practice and Learn Greek GroupModern Greek


A facebook group emphasising the sharing and practising of Greek. The emphasis is on using social media including google translate and youtube to immerse the group in frequent conversation to make modern Greek useful and relevant. Read more

Basic Japanese language and culture course for teachersJapanese teachers


Kick start your first 1000 words of Japanese with this FREE course for primary and secondary school teachers. The course is aimed at teachers who have never studied Japanese before, or who have just started Japanese, to build up their Japanese language and cultural skills… The course will take place during the autumn half term, so there is no excuse not to get involved!

Read more

Watch Your LanguageGerman for primary


Watch Your Language is a series of free video resources available on YouTube for primary aged children learning German, produced and presented by a former primary school German teacher.

It approaches language learning in a completely different way, relying on actions and expression of voice to help children retain new vocabulary.

The whole idea of Watch Your Language is that it is fun and inspires children to develop an early interest in language learning!

Read more

Shropshire Languages SocietyLanguages, Post 14, post 16, GCSE, AS, A, level, French, German, Spanish


Led by Shropshire Languages Society, a non-profit organisation promoting language learning from an academic, professional and social perspective in Shrewsbury. Since 2009/2010, the society has led the Salop Local Initiative for Languages project which aims to increase language uptake from 14 to university level.
Read more

A Green MouseFrench & Spanish


A GREEN MOUSE French and Spanish audio-visual resources offer accessible listening practice for children backed-up by subtitles, captivating pictures, and ‘stories’ to enthuse younger children and relate language learning to every day life. Read more

Foreign Language Spelling BeeSpelling competition

Spelling Bee

The aim of the Routes into Languages Foreign Language Spelling Bee is for students in Year 7 who are beginners in French, German and Spanish to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation and memory skillsin the target language. Read more

Shropshire Languages SocietyCommunity group

Shropshire Languages Society

Shropshire Languages Society – motto ‘Speaking together’ – is a non-profit organisation which promotes and aids the study of foreign languages from an academic, professional and social perspective. Read more

Sing to the future: Language BeatzLanguages singing competition

Sing to the future - Language Beatz

The aim of Routes into Languages East’s ‘Sing to the Future: Language Beatz’ is for Year 8 students to practise and improve their foreign language skills by transferring language from the Key Stage 3 curriculum into memorable lyrics. Read more

Inspiring the futureConnecting businesses with schools

Inspiring the future

Inspiring the Future is a free service through which employees volunteer to talk about their jobs, careers and education. Schools and colleges can search for individuals to talk to students about how languages have helped them in their working life. Read more

The Language FactorLanguages singing competition

Language Factor

The Language Factor Song Competition aims to promote language learning among young people across London. The underlying theme for the competition is ‘friendship’- one of the three Olympic values. Read more

Waltham Forest Bilingual GroupCommunity group

Indian mother and baby smiling

Waltham Forest Bilingual Group (WFBG) is open to anyone who wishes to discuss issues around bilingualism, acquisition of languages, preservation of minority languages and related topics. Organised and set up by parents who wanted to share experiences of raising children … Read more

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