Langademy ( is an online language exchange community where you can practice foreign languages with natives all over the world. Listening to native speakers in natural contexts will help you to improve your listening and you will learn the unique sounds of a language. Likewise, you will improve your speaking abilities. You will get new vocabulary, phrases, and native speakers will be able to correct you.

Langademy provides a unique way to meet native speakers and exchange languages by videoconferencing: the Language Roulette. You don’t have to worry about anything, just select the language you want to practice, and we will find you a conversation partner.
What if no one is available when you get in? No worries, you can create meetups to let the others know when you will be available to chat, or you can join the existing meetups in the meetup board.

Langademy is based on a Timebanking policy. Timebanking is a way to make language exchange fair for everyone. If you share your native language with other Langademy users, you earn the same amount of time for practicing other languages in your Time Bank account. And when you practice a language that is not your native language, you spend time from your account. You will start with 5 hours so you can practice the language you want

You can also find us at and

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