Language Landscape – putting your language on the map

Sandy RitchieSandy Ritchie from SOAS, University of London is helping to create a new online world to celebrate languages and help protect rare and endangered languages by enabling speakers of those languages to record and share their voice.

Sandy and the Language Landscape team run the website and associated outreach programmes to bring together language communities online, to help people to better understand the languages spoken around them and to help to raise the profile of minority and endangered languages.

How does the website work?
The website enables everyone with an internet connection to add language recordings to a world map (this includes you!) By mapping your recordings where you made them, you will be helping to build a better picture of the current geographical spread of languages, and helping to represent your language and culture online. Other users can then access your recordings by browsing or searching the map.

Language Landscape
Language Landscape 1.0 launch
The first public release version of the Language Landscape website was launched on 24 March 2014 in the Brunei Gallery at SOAS. The event showcased the new features of the website in a live demonstration. Attendees also got the chance to have a go on the site and sign up for their own account. The event featured a specially commissioned installation by artist Tom Castle which echoes the forms and qualities of Language Landscape. The event was attended by Paul Webley, Director and Principal of SOAS who said “It was a pleasure to attend this event. I was really really impressed by what the Language Landscape team have achieved.”
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