Larry Lamb

Larry Lamb Actor and author

Larry Lamb, known for his TV roles in Eastenders and Gavin and Stacey, believes passionately in encouraging young people from all backgrounds to learn languages. Through school, evening classes and time spent overseas in Germany, France, Spain and Italy, he is a keen amateur linguist. Larry is working with the Association for Language Learning and the University of London Institute in Paris as a champion for languages and culture, and hopes to use his celebrity profile to make the government, media and public understand the importance of language learning for future generations. He believes that children should be given the opportunity to learn languages as soon as they start school, and be encouraged to continue through secondary school.

“As a working-class lad from North London, learning French opened up the world for me. My teacher spoke about this intriguing place over the sea called ‘abroad’.  She triggered something in me about learning other languages and finding out about other people. You can’t put a price on that. If ordinary children are discouraged from learning languages, it weakens our society. I’m delighted to back Speak to the future, and strongly recommend getting involved – working together we can really make a difference.”

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