Launch of careers talk volunteer scheme

02 Jul 2012

Workers willing to give careers talks which can include languages to pupils are being encouraged to volunteer via a scheme which was launched by Nick Clegg today at Bishop Challoner School in Tower HamletsThe initiative called ‘Inspiring the future’ is designed to help state schools match those in the independent sector, where 80% of pupils regularly hear talks about career opportunities from external speakers.

Research for the Education and Employers Taskforce, a charity running the scheme, suggests pupils who have contact with employers at school will go on to earn 16% more on average than pupils who do not have the same opportunities.

Speak to the future exhibited in a careers marketplace with support from Routes into Languages London ambassador Nichola Smalley, and linguists from the banking world Richard Hardie of UBS and Stephen Rae of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. We were enormously encouraged by the number of students speaking other languages at home – Portuguese, Lithuanian, Polish, Bengali to name just a few – which seemed to spur them onto learn even more languages, in some cases inspiring their friends.

It’s free to register on the Inspiring the future website, and you can record your language skills in an online profile. Schools and colleges can then search for suitable individuals to speak to students about their career options.  We’re working closely with the Education and Employers Taskforce who run the scheme, and have highlighted Inspiring the future as one of our Inspiring Projects.

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