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17 Oct 2017

Watch out for the Language Magician in 2018!

Speak to the Future is delighted to support this exciting new initiative for primary MFL led by the Goethe Institut and involving key strategic partners in universities across the UK, the Association for Language Learning and major cultural institutions.

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN is first and foremost an enjoyable short game which engages children through its attractive graphics and storyline and sets them challenges, some of which are in a language they are learning at school.

The aim of the Erasmus+ project has been to create a non-threatening playful experience which, at the same time, provides information to teachers, and others, on the children’s achievement, and progression, in Reading, Listening and Writing the language they are learning.

The project team has benefited greatly from its collaborative, international working model, and believes strongly in the value of professional networking for teachers also; talking together we produce much better outcomes than working in isolation!

Networking meetings about game-like speaking activities will undoubtedly lead to the development of further ideas worth sharing, while the freely available Teacher Manual will also include specific suggestions. Assessing pupil progression is an essential part of the teaching and learning process, and teachers are highly skilled in doing it.

THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN is a supplement to the teacher’s skills of assessment for learning. It aims to support especially those teachers who are not specialists in language teaching in feeling confident that they have robust information, which is widely valued, as a synopsis of standards in Primary Schools from four European countries was used as the basis for the online tool, to allow pupils’ achievements to be assessed against international expectations.

There is no cost for use of the game which will be available online in 2018 in versions for children learning English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

You can view an English trailer for THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN here:

And try the demo version here:

To learn about release dates, read about the partners etc. you should register for the newsletter here:

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