Naboomboo’s purpose is to help you with foreign languages, practicing and developing fluency having fun and without spending money.
Sharing your hobbies and passions with mother tongue trainers is an easy and simple way to develop and improve your language to a proficiency level. This approach allows you to be closed to daily life both for your job and your pleasure.
Community members have the opportunity to study new languages and to teach their native one.
On Naboomboo each user defines his interests and topics he wants to discuss about. Immediately the platform is able to match demand and offer providing the best customer experience.
The business model is different to any other platform available in the market. It is based on board games rules and logics in order to promote high numbers of logins and sharing experience on the web site and on major social networks.
Thanks to the technology adopted (HTML5), Naboomboo does not require any other additional software; an internet browser and a web connection are the only requirements to immediately be on line.
Naboomboo is an Innovative Startup with a Social Value, and actually it makes it possible to share your native language with its traditions and background and to study and improve a new language, all for free.
Since it was born, Naboomboo is part of TraetaBit, the I3P (Innovative Enterprise Incubator of Politecnico di Torino) program for digital startups.
Naboomboo has been selected among the 10 StatCup finalist (2013 edition), organized by main Piedmont Incubators, among more than 500 participants.
The launch of version Beta took place the 21st of May 2014, the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.
Few weeks after launch, Naboomboo’s community counts more than 1.000 of people, from more than 25 nationalities, and the users are growing every day! Naboomboo’s team objective is to have about one million of users in the next five years.

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