Whether at 14, 16 or on leaving school, your son or daughter has some crucial decisions to make about their education. Deciding whether to learn languages or continue with language study is one of them. We are campaigning because we believe it is important for young people in the UK to have access to language learning and understand the benefits.

Why languages?

Quite apart from the intrinsic benefits of, say, learning Spanish to be able to work in Latin America, languages have been shown to improve brain power. Employers say they need language skills for jobs in the UK, and that they take on linguists for other skills and experience besides – such as communication skills and awareness of other cultures. If you’re not convinced, why not hear what our ambassadors have to say? Find out more about why languages are important.

Languages at home

We believe that every language should be valued as an asset. According to a recent schools survey, nearly a million pupils in England speak a language other than English at home. If this is the case in your home, your children can make use of these language skills in life and work. Research has also shown that bilingual young people find it easier to learn other languages.

About the campaign

Speak to the future relies on volunteers to get the message across to the wider public. If you’re convinced about the importance of languages and would like to help in persuading other parents, visit the supporters area of our website for ideas. You can sign up to get updates from the campaign – why not make a pledge at the same time to do your bit? Find out more about our campaign.

Getting advice

If you need further information and advice, try the Why Study Languages website, or the Languages Work website for more career-focused information.

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