Pasaporte Cultural

What happens in a workshop?

Students will:
• Watch a live performance from professional musicians

• Take part in an interactive music workshop of traditional rhythm and song from a Spanish-speaking country

• Learn about Hispanic culture and reinforce curriculum vocabulary through images, videos, dialogue and lyrics

• Compose and perform their own piece of music in Spanish, inspired by the workshop

• Take part in a Q+A panel about life in a Spanish-speaking country

What Makes Us Different

All workshops are delivered in 100% target language by native speakers recreating the experience of immersion learning

Sessions are interactive and fast-paced using a mixture of song, rhythm and movement to keep students engaged at all times

All workshops use structures and topics directly from the curriculum. Students are then encouraged to extend their vocabulary and grammar in new contexts

The opportunity to write and perform their own music on stage alongside professional musicians in another language will have an undoubtable increase on pupils’ confidence
This is a unique opportunity to really push them out of their comfort zone and test their resilience

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