Speak to the future – the campaign for languages – was launched in 2011 to highlight the importance of languages, language learning and professional language activities for the UK. We aim to push languages up the agenda, and to bring about a step-change in attitudes and policy.

About our campaign and supporters

Speak to the future is funded until 2015/16 by the British Academy as part of its Languages and Quantitative Skills Programme. The campaign is hosted by the Chartered Institute of Linguists. It relies on sponsors for financial support, as well as time volunteered by over 20 member organisations, from languages, business and education. Read more about the campaign and its supporters.

Our working groups and objectives

Progress towards each of our five objectivesvaluing all languages, increasing the take-up of primary and secondary language learning, encouraging graduates to qualify in a language, and increasing the number of highly qualified linguists – is driven by a working group formed of experts in the field. These groups are taking an active role in informing policy (for example providing a view on primary languages across the whole of Key Stage 2 in early 2012).

Find out more

Read our news and press pages for news from the campaign, including policy briefings. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive regular updates from the campaign – or sign up to receive our newsletter.


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