Report: The Value of Languages

23 May 2016

Towards a UK Strategy for Languages – new report from Cambridge Public Policy SRI outlines the value of languages. (Download here - PDF, 2.6MB).

Following a policy workshop held in Cambridge in October 2015, attended by representatives from across government departments, public bodies and the devolved administrations, a report published today from Cambridge Public Policy Strategic Research Initiative puts forward thought-provoking new ideas for a UK Strategy for Languages.

The report draws attention to fault lines in how language matters are currently addressed in public policy and practice, and offers fresh solutions for a more strategic, coherent and efficient approach.

Illuminating case studies are drawn from recent research initiatives, such as Born Global (2016) looking at the role of languages in employment; the importance of language skills and soft power in diplomacy (House of Lords Select Committee report: 2014); language needs in defence requirements in handling Counter-Terrorism supplied by the MOD and languages in law enforcement supplied by GCHQ.

Further illustrations of the crucial role of languages and culture in developing a safer, healthier and more cohesive society come from medical research, overseas development and in conflict resolution closer to home in Northern Ireland.

Speak to the Future has been actively involved in supporting the workshop and in contributing to the report. We warmly welcome its recommendations for policy development.

Download the report here (PDF, 2.6MB).

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