RT news report on poor UK language skills

14 Apr 2015

Bernardette Holmes, Campaign Director for Speak to the Future, joins the British Council’s Vicky Gough and Cambridge University’s Jocelyn Wyburd in this piece on the UK’s poor position in language learning compared to other European countries.

RT has an audience of up to 120 million in Europe and 700 million across the world. See the video below.

RT quote figures that only 38% of British people speak another language compared to 56% in other European countries.

While languages have become compulsory in England’s primary schools, they are not compulsory at GCSE, and numbers at A Level and at degree level continue to fall, leading to real concerns for the UK’s future in international trade, security, diplomacy and influence in the world.

Click here for more information on Speak to the Future’s campaign to save GCSEs and A Levels in languages (many of which may be scrapped in 2017).

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