S2F Symposium 13 Oct 2017: see you there!

20 Sep 2017

Symposium 2017

Speaking to a global future

Friday 13th October 2017, 9.30-16.30 at the Language Show London, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington N1 0QH.

To reserve your place at the Speak to the Future Symposium 2017,
simply email LanguageShow@upperstreetevents.co.uk giving your full name and email address. 
Priority registration is open until Monday 2 October.

Can Brexit work for Britain?  Will future success depend on stronger language skills?  How can languages and cultural understanding improve our health, wealth and happiness? 

Join award-winning journalist, Rosie Goldsmith, in conversation with government officials, national leaders and international experts to find out. Full programme available here.

Speak to the Future, the national campaign for languages invites you to its fifth annual symposium addressing key issues of language policy relating to education, employment and wider society.  As the country prepares for a global future, we are facing uncertainties affecting all areas of public life.  Can challenges become opportunities?  What should be our next steps?

Speak to the Future welcomes the following influential and inspiring figures to share their insights and unique perspectives on the importance of languages and intercultural understanding to Britain’s progress. The symposium will include major talks, panel discussion and live question and answer sessions where delegates can share their views and put their questions to  the panel.


Symposium 2017: Speaking to a global future

Speakers include –

Jon Benjamin, Director of the Diplomatic Academy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Dr Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chambers of Commerce

Charles Clark, Partner Consultant Linklaters LLP

Richard Hardie, Senior Adviser, UBS Ltd

Ann Carlisle, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Linguists

Panos Kraniotis, Regional Director Europe, Rosetta Stone

Dr. Thomas Bak, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Dina Mehmedbegovic, University College London

Dr. James Anderson, Goldsmiths University

Dr. Vicky Macleroy, Goldsmiths University

Professor Wendy Ayres-Bennett, University of Cambridge

Professor Katrin Kohl, University of Oxford

Pascale Vassie, Executive  Director, National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education

Teresa Tinsley, Director Alcantara Communications

Vicky Gough, Languages Adviser, British Council

Bernardette Holmes MBE, Campaign Director, Speak to the Future

British Council Language Ambassadors

Full programme available here


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