Shropshire Languages Society

The Salop Local Initiative for Languages tailors the society’s provision to inspire 14 and 16 year olds when making transitions between Key Stages.The two main phases are Languages Post 14 (LP14) which raises awareness of the benefits of the study of a foreign language at Key Stage 4 and onwards, and alternative pathways and then Language Post 16 GCSE Plus which stimulates the minds of students of French, German and Spanish to be more confident and linguistically prepared for the transition to AS level. Languages Post 14 is introduced by a presentation led by a senior member of the society. This takes place normally in the spring term. Languages Post 16 begins with GCSE Plus, a transition evening held in the summer term for year 11 students hoping to take French/German/Spanish at AS/A in the autumn. Both are free of charge to both state and independent schools/colleges.

The society’s learning and careers advice and support and mentoring is available throughout the year as normal.

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