Stephen Rae

stephen Product Sales, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Stephen is an Honours graduate in French and Russian from Strathclyde University, speaking three other foreign languages with a high level of fluency (German, Italian, Spanish). He most recently started learning Mandarin. Stephen has used his wide-ranging language skills in every job he has undertaken. He currently works at a senior level in Product/Institutional Sales at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and is supporting Speak to the future‘s business lobby.

“I have been passionate about languages ever since studying them at school and university. They afforded me so many wonderful opportunities: I have travelled overseas extensively and spent a number of years living in three different countries. I have enjoyed many enriching experiences that will stay with me forever. Knowledge of a foreign language can enhance an individual in so many ways: increasing their self-confidence, heightening their cultural sensitivity, opening their eyes to the wider world, and improving their employability considerably. I strongly back the Speak to the future’s efforts in making the connection between language learning at school and the opportunities on offer to young people in our global society.”

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