Strictly 1000 Words competition results!

31 Oct 2014

llambThe final of the Strictly 1000 words competition was held at the Language Show Live in London on 18 October, presided over by the wonderful Larry Lamb, whose support for Speak to the Future has been generous and whole-hearted. We are very lucky to be working with such a dedicated supporter!

Finalists in the video competition organised by the Language Show in association with Speak to the Future, were invited to perform live as part of the Show, to show off their #1000words

First up were pupils from Ysgol Bro Edern – a Welsh medium school in Cardiff, who gave a rousing performance in French involving a dinosaur and time-travel


They were assisted by what appeared to be a genuine tardis!








Next up were Sixth formers from Hurtwood House School in Surrey with a sketch based on the concept of a ‘language pill’ which miraculously enables those who take it to speak fluently in Russian, Spanish or French! And they did all speak extremely well!



luismartinWe were then treated to a bravado solo performance in Mandarin from Luis Martin, a 15 year old who has only been learning it for a year. It is wonderful to witness such linguistic talent and he fully deserved to win the prize in his category.



gracebenthamSimilarly, Grace Bentham wowed the audience with a multilingual performance, switching apparently effortlessly between French, Spanish and German. Once again, an impressive and impassioned performance and thoroughly deserving of her prize for the Further/Higher education category.


singingThe audience was then treated to an energetic performance including singing, dancing and hula-hooping by a group in the ‘other language enthusiasts’ category who delighted us with their evident love of languages. The inspired mum who did the co-ordinating also deserves a prize! singing2



And finally, finishing on a sombre but poignant note, Ian Howe gave a wonderful and polished performance of a song he had written in Spanish for his dead Mexican friend. Keep a look out for this man – with his music and his language skills, he will go far!

The quality of the performances by finalists was truly inspirational and we are extremely grateful to the Language Show Live for organising the competition, and to Vocab Express and Oxford University Press who sponsored prizes and took part in the judging.




For those who missed the competition – don’t forget you can still take up the 1000 words challenge and you and your pupils can register free of charge to use the special learning platform provided by Vocab Express and OUP, via the link below:


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