Maybe you’re passionate about languages and want to help us raise their profile. Or you might be wondering about your options at school, college and university. Let us tell you a bit more about the campaign, about languages in general and how you could get involved in spreading the word.

What the campaign means to you

We are campaigning to increase take-up of language learning in primary, secondary and at university. The UK needs more highly qualified linguists, but in recent years the number of young people studying languages has declined dramatically. Businesses consistently say that they need language skills, that it can give you the edge in a tough job market. If you’re lucky enough to speak a language other than English at home, it can be a great asset. Find out more about the campaign and why languages are important.

Getting involved

We know that young people like to receive information and advice from someone their age – from their peer group. So if you believe in languages, we want you to spread the word. Try our activist toolkit and read our flyer for ideas on what you could do. You could write to your local newspaper, set up a blog, or tweet about languages. How about recruiting a high profile ambassador? Become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter – and share the campaign with your friends and followers (use the Twitter and Facebook links on the right of this page).

Getting advice

If you need further information and advice, try the Why Study Languages website, or the Languages Work website for more career-focused information.

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