If you believe in the value of languages and the objectives of our campaign, there are lots of ways you can help to spread the word.

Members and partners

The campaign is backed by leading professional and business organisations who are convinced of the importance of language learning for the future of our society, our citizens and our economy. We are also forming a business lobby to help get our messages through to government and the wider public.


A number of high profile figures from the world of media, business and politics believe in languages and are backing our campaign. Read about our ambassadors.


As a charity, we rely on donations from sponsors to maintain the profile of our campaign.  Find out more about our sponsors and how you can help.

Pledge your support

If you love languages and believe in the aims of our campaign, sign up now and you can make a pledge, telling us how you’ll help to make a change. Once you have signed up, we will keep you in touch with our latest news and activities. Read some ideas on how to help.

Join our community

We have a fast-growing following on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Join them to get the latest news, share ideas and chat with like-minded supporters.

Activist toolkit

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together some tools, links and ideas on raising the profile of languages.  Open the toolkit.

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