Talk the Talk: A guide to maximising your prospects using languages

03 Jul 2013

Talk the TalkThe British Academy, in collaboration with the European Commission, has released a new booklet for school children and undergraduates called “Talk the Talk: A Guide to Maximising your Prospects Using Languages”, which promotes languages as a “long-term investment for you, your career and for society”.

The guide includes 24 profiles of linguists in a range of sectors, including Football Manager Arsène Wenger, Yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacArthur, The Apprentice runner-up Nick Holzherr and BBC World News Presenter Zeinab Badawi. Between all of them, they speak 22 different languages!

Each profile shows why languages are important to them, and a ‘CV snapshot’ lays out their educational background and their language proficiency. Reading about their studies at school and career decisions makes it much easier to relate to what they have achieved in life.

Here’s a link to the guide on the British Academy’s website, and here it is (below) to browse full-screen…

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