The Language Factor

The Language Factor Song Competition aims to promote language learning among young people across London.

The final in 2012 was held at SOAS on 22 June, to coincide with the London 2012 Olympic Festival. The underlying theme for the competition is ‘friendship’- one of the three Olympic values. Twenty five students aged 14 to 19 presented beautiful ballads, raps and pop songs, written by themselves in French, Spanish, Japanese, Thai and Nepalese. Students from Mossbourne Academy said: “This is very different from class. In class you learn things that are useful not creative. This is a really different side to the language. It’s nice.”

Award-winning British rapper Wretch 32 and up-and-coming artist Cleo Sol backed the competition, recording messages on YouTube and calling for young people aged 14-19 to write, perform and film an original song in a foreign language.

This competition is part of the Capital L ‘Routes into Languages’ programme in London, an initiative of twelve London universities who work together to promote the uptake of languages in secondary schools, colleges and university. This competition celebrates the diversity of language within London schools, where some 300 languages are spoken.

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