The Speak to the future view on teaching primary languages across the whole of Key Stage 2

18 May 2012

Responding to the report of the National Curriculum Review’s Expert Panel, Speak to the future – the campaign for languages – suggests that the Government follows the example of many countries around the world and makes language learning statutory from at least age 7, potentially from age 5.

The National Curriculum Review Expert Panel recognises the ‘importance of modern foreign languages’ and recommends that language learning should be part of the new curriculum in Upper Key Stage 2. Although this recommendation is welcomed, we would like to suggest the Government goes further and takes this opportunity to make language learning statutory from the age of 7. The last decade has seen many countries around the world lowering the age at which language learning begins. The Government may even wish to consider lowering the age to 5 as suggested by Michael Gove in an interview on the eve of the 2011 Conservative Party Conference.

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