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23 Sep 2016

Monday 26th September 2016 is the 15th Anniversary of the European Day of Languages

Join Speak to the Future in celebrating our languages in our EDL tweet-celebration! Language is where our past, our present and our future coexist. Language holds the key to our knowledge, our understanding, our memory, our culture and our identity – perhaps also to our aspirations!

Particular words and phrases in particular languages evoke concepts, feelings and shared memories which have no equivalent in any other language, and that is what makes each language unique.

Here are some examples of unique concepts shared by speakers of Spanish, French, German and Mandarin Chinese!  Each conveys so much more than words!


Du pain chaud:


Double happiness:


On Monday 26th September, why not share the gift of language with others by tweeting a word or phrase from your first language, or from a language that you are learning?

And in no more than 140 characters, tweet @speak2future to tell us why it’s special to you, using #edl2016. e.g.:

@speak2future gemütlich – sitting by a fire, sharing stories with friends, listening, belonging – a cosy feeling in my head & heart #edl2016

Feel free to tweet in any language! Why not put your translation skills to good use by tweeting bilingually in English and another language?

Celebrate the European Day of Languages 2016 with Speak to the Future. Tweet your gift of language here…

A printable/editable Word version of this web page can be downloaded here (Word, 680KB).

Warmest wishes,

Bernardette Holmes MBE
Campaign Director
Speak to the Future

September 2016

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