Let us know: #WhyDoYouSpeakYours?

02 Jul 2013

Language Day 2011

Everyone has a story behind why they speak a certain language. Perhaps you have a French grandmother, or you dream of living in Spain, or maybe you’d like an international career spent communicating with clients in their own language to make them more amenable to your brilliant sales tactics?!

Honing in on these reasons is a great way to illustrate how useful and important languages are, so after our Speak to the Future Forum last week we asked our Twitter followers: #whydoyouspeakyours?

…and the results were brilliant!

@caitlinwalsh said “I learned French so I could read & direct classic plays in French (Molière, farces); German to speak with in-laws!”

@jonnyhibbard said “To show respect to wonderful nations/cultures I’ve had the privilege to get to know #Magyar #Українська #Polski #русский”

And it turns out that @azurdori was shamelessly bribed by her teachers (See? It works!) She says “because I got given biscuits at school if I chose to learn German…”

Here is the latest feed from Twitter, and please do join in and spread/retweet the word (in whatever language you choose!). You never know, your reason might inspire someone somewhere to join a conversation exchange class, download some language learning software or do something as simple as getting a foreign ‘Word a Day’ to their inbox…

Remind us – #whydoyouspeakyours?

[Photo: Languages Day by Presidio of Monterey]

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