The #YearOverHere Campaign

11 Nov 2014

YearOverHereThird Year Abroad are very excited to announce their new #YearOverHere Campaign, in partnership with Routes into Languages and Speak to the Future! spends a lot of time and enthusiasm encouraging students to spend time abroad during (or immediately after) their degree. Why? It increases confidence and boosts employability, as well as being a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet likeminded people, get to know a new city and have unforgettable adventures!

A year abroad can make us the best version of ourselves. The ‘year abroad you’ makes a conscious effort to take advantage of every opportunity, to socialise with new people, to explore unchartered territory, to practice your language skills and to conquer your fears.

With that in mind, the #YearOverHere Campaign is the official tool to help students to muster up some year abroad magic – without having to book a flight!

#YearOverHere aims to engage with young people, both at school and at university, in order to demonstrate the value of learning a language and to push international opportunities during the degree – and to show them that languages can be fun!’s new #YearOverHere page will feature listings of foreign language resources and cultural events for the eight most studied languages in the UK, to help students to prepare themselves before their time abroad and to keep up their language skills when they get back. The TYA team will also be publishing regular articles with tips and advice for ways to integrate foreign languages and cultures into British life, and shining the spotlight on examples of interculturalism within the UK.

The #YearOverHere listings will be updated regularly over the next few months and the TYA team would love language professionals to get in touch with suggestions for resources, articles and events (especially those outside of London).

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